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Product Description
A non-systemic organophosphorus insecticide effective against a wide range of insect pests including caterpillars, army worms, scale insects, mealy bugs, sucking bugs, aphids, thrips etc on all major agricultural crops

Mode of Action
Cholinesterase inhibitor.
A Non-systemic insecticide and acaricide with contact, stomach and respiratory action.

Features & Benefits
Active against broad range of pests
Well established efficacy
Fast acting
Phytotoxicy: Well tolerated by crops when applied at the recommended rates of application.
Compatibility: compatible with most commonly used insecticides, acaricides and fungicides.
Not compatible with pesticides containing copper.

Application Rate
Apply Diazol at a full cover rate 1.0 – 1.5L/ Ha. Spray at first sign of infestation. For high volume application, use 100-1000L/ Ha.
For knapsack application, use 40 – 50ml/ 20L (30 – 37.5ml/ 15L). Use the provided measuring cup. Repeat application after 10-14 days intervals. Do not allow the spray mixture to stand.

Pre-harvest interval
Minimum days from the last application to harvest

Apples, Pears 5
Green beans, Cabbage, Cucumber, Coffee 7
Celery, Onion, Lettuce, Spinach, Brussels sprouts 10
Kale 12
Pepper, Cauliflower, Broccoli 14
Citrus 21

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download  DIAZOL 60EC  datasheet